Bay West Acoustical Spray Foam

We were contacted by Bay West about noise from the commons area pool table disturbing people in the study areas above and offices surrounding it. Because of the construction of the building fiberglass, cellulose, and denim insulation were unable to be installed without major remodeling and changes to the building. Because spray foam can be applied to nearly anything we were able to help solve their noise issue.

Removal of moldy fiberglass and installation of spray foam

Fiberglass is a poor insulator that provides a food source for mold and retains moisture. This house was only four years old before the exterior sheeting became compromised with mold and moisture. Closed cell spray foam provides no food source for mold and is a vapor barrier which allows no moisture or air to pass through it. We removed the fiberglass, liberally applied multiple passes of mold killer, and installed 3 inches of closed cell spray foam to achieve an R rating of R21. The homeowners now have a safe, clean, mold free home.

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